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Nagui Bihelek - Master Coach
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The only neural-mapping system to expose our unconscious programs.

Nagui Bihelek - Master Coach
Behavior Intelligence

Reach new levels in your business and career through understanding the impact of your own behaviours and that of others. A better understanding of the observed behaviours empowers you to influence and motivate those you  interact with.

Whether you are a leader, executive, business owner or coach, your communication and your actions are what get you the results you are getting.  To change your results you need to change your thoughts so that your behaviors demonstrate your commitment to success.

Whether you are a leader, executive, business owner or coach, your communication and your action are what gets you the results you are getting.

To change the results you need to change your thoughts so that the observed behaviours demonstrate your commitment to success.

Behavior Intelligence in Leadership.

Ever wonder why some team members excel while others just seem to challenge you? Is it you or is it them?  Being intelligent about the behaviors of others as well as your own is the key to better leadership. 
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    Want to motivate and inspire your team? Great. That's just one part of Behavior Intelligence.
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    Want to take your own performance to the next level? Well, guess what?  Your own behavior will directly affect the results you get.

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Coaches are leaders too. Are you the thought leader in your community?

You are judged not on your intentions but by your observable behaviours and the success of your clients. 
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    When your client doesn't complete their agreed tasks from one session to the next, do you blame them or yourself?
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    Taking ownership of their results, and your ability to influence these requires an understanding of behaviours.


As an executive, you are always looking for new ways to challenge your team to reach new heights. Behavior Intelligence for Leaders is the foundation to being able to do just that. By increasing performance, engagement and motivation your company or department can exceed expectations consistently. The behavior you observe and filter through your own set of filters sometimes impose rules on others that result in judgements.


Every coach knows that their own behavior is the most important part of being a coach. It is the one thing that will gain you clients and referrals because of the results you get for them. In order to be successful with others first a coach needs to be successful for themselves. A coach needs a coach that can help them achieve the highest level of self-awareness and intelligence about your own behaviors. Gain insights about Behavior Intelligence through your own experience.

Who is LeadershipBI for?

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    If you are an executive, Business owner, or Manager and feel like you have reached a plateau in your career or in your ability to lead and motivate your team to achieve greater heights, then it's time to understand the neural-programs that create the results you are getting in order to breakthrough these.
    LeadershipBI and AccuMatch maps your unconscious programs so together we can bring about the changes you need to breakthrough these patterns that may holding you back.
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    Have you become aware of how your behavior affects your team and others around you, but don't know what is causing that or how to go about making the appropriate changes? Then this coaching program which show the What and the How.
    Self-awareness if the first step in this journey. The next step is understanding your triggers, and those of others. LeadershipBI is the program to give you the What and the How.
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    You've worked hard to build a culture that inspires and motivates those around you, but it feels like you're the only one rowing this boat. You're the only one dragging everyone along. Is it you?
    In order to figure this out and work through it with your team, first we need to map the individuals on your team so we can see the behaviours that exist in the current culture and bridge the gap to the new desired one.

Who is CoachSuccessBI for?

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    Do you see yourself as a coach or a business owner who delivers coaching as a business? Many people get into coaching because they like the concept of coaching others but never truly realize that this is also a business. Before you can coach anyone first you must get clients. To become practiced at what you've learned in your coach training you need clients. To get good at coaching you need to practice.
    Trying to fake it till you make, doesn't work.
    Understanding your limiting behaviours and blindspots allows you to expose the thinking that created these.
    In CoachSuccessBI you would be coached similar to how you would coach your clients. You get the same types of breakthroughs that you'd like for them
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    Even a veteran coach gets stuck sometimes. That's why a coach needs coaching themselves. When your coaching practice hits a ceiling and just can't seem to breakthrough that, what do you think is stopping that? Is it in your control or outside your control.
    CoachSuccessBI coaching will expose your limiting self sabotage to help you breakthrough that ceiling.
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    Do you like to learn through your own experience? Would you like to experience for yourself how Neuroscience is applied in coaching, and why this accelerates results? This is your opportunity to do just that.

What's a Neural-Behavior Assessment?

AccuMatchBI is a proprietary assessment built specifically with the context of the workplace in mind. It is the result of decades of research and development with individuals from all corners of the earth. It is founded on Cognitive and Behaviourist Psychology coupled with Neural-Programs and Linguistics.
What it tells us quickly is a person's automatic unconscious responses to situations at work - their neural-programs. Since most of what we do is usually an automatic response to a situation or task, then uncovering these neural patterns is not only the beginning of self discovery, it ultimately leads to the understanding of the behavior we observed in others as well as our own, as well as a resultant improved communication with others.


Chad Kroeker

I haven't always believed that people can truly change. "They are who they are." So I was left to accept the responsibility and financial risk of attempting to hire the right people with the right skillset and the right behaviour set for my company. And was constantly frustrated. I have engaged a variety of coaches, Myers Briggs testing and other professional development techniques for myself and my team. Then I found Nagui and everything clicked.

The AccuMatch behaviour mapping system creates awareness to pinpoint the behaviours that don't align with the goals and other team members of the organization. We have now invested in AccuMatch coaching for our entire leadership team and consistently including team members because we see such dramatic positive changes — they perform better individually and as a team.

With AccuMatch, I can now say with conviction and proof that people can, in fact, change for the better.

Chad Kroeker , Business Owner / Partner

Tyler Chisholm

Our senior leadership team, including myself as the CEO were challenged in identifying the behaviors that were undermining our ability to function as a high-performing team. We just weren't able to get aligned and execute on our strategic plan.

The ability of individuals to recognize the triggers and corresponding behaviors that were getting in our way improved almost immediately. The simple act of making it top of mind got us all talking.

He has a unique blend of theoretical knowledge combined with deep experience in how organizations function in the real world. He takes theory to practice quickly, with minimal fluff.

If you know your organization can do more and just can't put your finger on what is holding you back, I recommend you sit down with Nagui for a chat. He opened our eyes, influenced our leaders and helped to elevate our culture.

Tyler Chisholm , CEO
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