What makes Behavior Intelligence important for you?

Top 3 reasons why:

  1. 1
    Self Awareness
  2. 2
    Observing others without biases
  3. 3
    Influence change
In order to to break through the barriers of communication we must first appreciate that the observed behaviours of others are just that, observed behaviours. You cannot read their minds, nor should you try. Behaviour is not a guaranteed reflection of Intentions - it is just a learned behaviour.

My 40 years experience in transformation consulting, business re-engineering, business and executive coaching have led me down this journey for the past decade in neural transformation through behavior intelligence.

I’ve been a master coach, and I have run a coaching firm for more than 10 years. I’ve gained several awards for my accomplishments in transformation and coaching, and I’ve pioneered several business ventures.

It always comes back to working with people.

Nagui Bihelek

I look forward to sharing with you my journey and how you can access the same.

My Mission and values

You'd think that after thousands of years on this earth we would have learned to be better communicators and better at understanding each other. Instead we still see a great deal of misunderstandings, miscommunications, judgements, biases, and much more.

What if we could make a difference? Well I now know we can. Why am I so certain? Because today we have at our disposal the means to use neuroscience added to our already extensive list of tools from cognitive Psychology to Behaviourist Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Neuroscience, and more...

If you bring all that together under one simple concept it would be Behavior Intelligence.

Respect: In order to respect one another, first we must put aside our own rules that show up as judgments about others.

Honesty: Often this is just a symptom of underlying low self-esteem or self-confidence. To shift that we need to know how to help build self-confidence, and resilience in the face of ridicule.

Continuous improvement: An old-cliche from my previous IBM days, but still relevant today. To believe that we can always do better but without being crippled by prefection.

Mental toughness: We all have what it takes to accomplish almost anything we set our mind to achieve. So what stops some people, while others seem to be able to get up again and again no matter how many times they are knocked-down (metaphorically). 

Number of leaders and business owners coached over past 15 years.


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Number of countries reached with Behaviour Intelligence.



“Michelle Church”


I find Nagui as a coach and his integrity as a businessman above reproach. Nagui utilizes quality questioning, listening and reflection to give the clients opportunity to find deeper thinking in a very non-directive manner.

Michelle Church - Executive Coachand Trainer

“Maresa Ng - AccuMatch”


AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence working with Nagui has enabled me to understand my clients, beyond them understanding themselves. When we hit snags in the coaching sessions, I'd be able to read the report and remind myself of certain traits, and be able to coach them to go beyond the challenges.

Maresa Ng - CEO

“Francois Lubbe”


For a 12-week period having weekly interaction with Nagui, kept me on my toes and I was pushed to deliver on what I had promised. The power of the process is that my behaviors of the previous week are being assessed, not only from my own insights but enriched by Nagui’s knowledge, experience and insights we got from my behavior profile.

Francois Lubbe - Master Coach

Business Owners, Leaders, ...

“Paul Konyk”


Nagui has helped me with training, discussion and insight in those areas where I was ‘stuck’ doing the same thing over and over. He also has challenged me when he felt that I needed to confront an issue, attitude, perception etc. that I was not able to see in myself or the situation being examined.

“Lisa Rushka”


Nagui is always the calm voice of reason, an objective observer of my business. He has taken the time to understand my industry (public relations) and the nuances particular to it, and has helped me learn to treat my business more like a business and less like a consultancy. He understands when to push me harder and when to sit back and listen to my concerns and challenges. I believe we have developed a strong trusting relationship, where I can rely upon him to provide me advice that is in the best interest of my business.

What's your Mission and 

What Values will help you on this journey?