C2 + E2 = Motivated Results

Capability x Conviction = Results
Engagement x Experience = Staying Power

In order to get the right team on you side, you need to rely on a great recruiting system. A recruiting system which is accurate and simple to use. We call it AccuMatch.

The challenge with most profiling systems is that they are automated and use multiple choice questionnaires. This makes them easy to fool by candidates applying to join your team. More than 50% of people lie on their resumes, and they will do the same with a multiple choice questionnaire if it means getting the job. Most people don’t know why they are not great at what they do, they do it because they either fell into it, had no choice, or was the only the choice at the time.

A great recruiting system doesn’t rely on multiple choice questionnaires. A great recruiting system goes almost undetected in the questions being asked. We’ve spent years developing such a program – AccuMatch. We rely on trained profilers to analyze the answers to a discrete set of questions, and to personally interview the candidates to look for Neurolinguistic patterns exhibited by each and every individual. These are subliminal messages that the individual’s brain send without person even knowing that they are doing that.

Don’t settle for recruiting systems that are less than 50% accurate. The cost to you and your organization is far too large to ignore. It costs on average 4-5 times a person’s annual salary when it is the wrong choice for your team. That means a $50,000 role has a 50/50 chance of costing you $200,000 if it is the wring person.

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AccuMatch is better than 80% accurate. We’d like to quote our actual results – currently standing at 100%, but that would be bragging.

The process

The job description and advertising of this

When screening resumes and candidates, a trained recruiter is also screening based on the candidate’s responses to questions and their written language.

The phone interview tell tales

This is the first level screening and it happens over the phone, and during first F2F interview.

Face-to-face interpretation

So much can be learned about the candidate from the words they use, their tonality and body language.

AccuMatch assessment

We are matching candidates to;

•The role

• The culture

• The team

• Their management, and

• Clients they may deal with (internal or external clients)

Workplace Dynamics workshop

Business Edge Staffing Inc in conjunction with Business Edge Coaching Inc have developed a special on- boarding and team development 1⁄2 day workshop.

You can put your existing team through Workplace Dynamics or just new hires. It’s all inclusive.

We prepare your team and new members for the workplace by taking them through;

– Understanding different behavior traits,

– Time-management best practices, and

– Understanding personality profiles and potential workplace interactions. We want your team and new members to be successful.

Management to motivate and achieve results

There is a clear understanding that each and every individual has an ideal environment where they can excel. This environment not only identifies with the skills and aptitude of the candidate as these relate to a specific role, but more importantly the management style that they will work under, and the organization’s culture, and for certain roles which deal with clients – the clients profile.

AccuMatch reveals a person’s unconscious motivation patterns and traits simply by their use of language.

  • This helps to determine what 
 will trigger and maintain a 
 person’s motivation and what 
 enables them to be successful.
  • We use multiple profiling 
 systems at different stages,
 because there isn’t a
    single profiling system
 which can give youthe whole picture.

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