Behavior Intelligence for Coaches.

If you want to grow your coaching business,
then this is your opportunity to receive coaching in
Behavior Intelligence so you can experience first hand
how this works, and why it works so well.

What to expect.

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    Proven methods you can apply in your coaching.
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    Learn the Behavior Intelligence methodology.
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    Experience it for yourself.
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    Achieve results for yourself in just 12 weeks.
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    Best way to learn, get coached yourself.
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What will this mean for you and for your clients?

Whether you are working with managers, business owners or senior executives, your coaching style, which is observed through your actions and your behaviors, needs to inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals.

This 12 week program will uncover limiting behaviors and expose blind spots you may not be aware of. In order to breakthrough these you need to experience for yourself the importance of neural Behavior Intelligence. To understand and embrace it as your own, so you can wield actions that inspire and motivate your clients.

The Behavior Intelligence coaching methodology is founded on scientific tools like AccuMatch and the understanding of the neural programs we run that lead to the outcomes we get. In order to help others break through their limiting behaviours, first you should experience this yourself.

Embrace the power of understanding your own behaviours, triggers and the responses these precipitate.

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Personal Development and Growth.



  • 16 - 20 Hours of Coaching
  • One On One Mentorship
  • Experienced Master Coach
  • Behavior Intelligence Method
  • 2 AccuMatch Assessments
3 x Monthly Installments

Personal Development and Growth.




  • 16 - 20 Hours of Coaching
  • One On One Mentorship
  • Experienced Master Coach
  • Behavior Intelligence Method
  • 2 AccuMatch Assessments

Coach testimonials ...


Francois Lubbe

For a 12-week period having weekly interaction with Nagui, kept me on my toes and I was pushed to deliver on what I had promised. The power of the process is that my behaviors of the previous week are being assessed, not only from my own insights but enriched by Nagui’s knowledge, experience and insights we got from my behavior profile.

Francois Lubbe , Master Coach

Maresa Ng - AccuMatch

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence working with Nagui has enabled me to understand my clients, beyond them understanding themselves. When we hit snags in the coaching sessions, I'd be able to read the report and remind myself of certain traits, and be able to coach them to go beyond the challenges.

Maresa Ng , CEO

Break through your limiting behaviours. START NOW!

Reach new levels for yourself
and for your clients.

Your Coach:
Nagui Bihelek