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Your Reason For Being.
It’s what wakes you up in the morning all energize and excited to get going.

In this educational series, we take you through an ancient Japanese model – IKIGAI, which dates back to the early 800’s and is still pertinent today. It means “Your Reason For Being”.

This process helps individuals identify with their true identity and reasons for doing everything that you do. By working through this process you are taken on a journey of discovery and verification. A journey to align your passion and mission in life with right vocation or profession.

You will be a far more formidable force in your role when internally you become aligned with the external world around you. Your ability to get things done, to handle pressures easily, and move towards your dreams and goals sooner will all materialize when your are mentally aligned with your physiological reality.

This short course is a combination of an article I published a few weeks back laying out step by step the “How to” use IKIGAI, and a series of short videos (unedited) discussion with master coaches from the United Stated, Australia, South America, and Canada.

Please use the comments area to ask questions and discuss with others going through this same process.

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Success comes from within you

When you know where you want to go it creates an automatic sense of conviction, and commitment that enables you to overcome all obstacles. You develop a resilience that you can feel and others can identify with. It strengthens you identity - Your Reason For Being.

You'll find similar phase in many other languages. In french this is "Le Raison D'etre".

My linguistic skills are limited, so feel free to share other phrases that show up in different part of the world.

Let’s get started.

In this short video we lay out the process for you to follow.

There is a detailed blog on this which you will need to access as you work through this.

Click here to access the blog, and follow the instructions in this blog.

More on how to use IKIGAI

In this video the team discusses the HOW TO approach to best leverage IKIGAI in business and in life.


How to more detail

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Important discussion for Business Owners

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