Behavior Intelligence
The Facts.

History Of Behavior Intelligence

get past personality labels!

For decades now, personality tests have been telling us people are fixed.


Are we a reflection of observed behaviors?
Get caught up on how the neurosciences of the past 3 decades has taught us about people and behaviors.


What They Say about the Book

“Very informative history, and easy to follow. Clear logical concepts and evidence.”

“Nice to see a report that brings up more into the 21st century.”


What’s Inside the Book?

History of assessments

Just because they've been around for almost a century, does that make them more believable, more accurate, or just outdated?

What's happened since then?

Knowledge doesn't stand still, and neither do people. We are constantly evolving, learning, growing and changing. Take a look behind the curtain of personalities.

Where are we now?

Technological advancements have not only advanced how we do business it has significantly advanced medicine, and neuroscience. Making behavior more valuable than personality.

About the Author

Nagui Bihelek

You would easily mistake Nagui for a neuroscientist.  In reality he is an engineer with a focus on human behaviors. How we interact with each other, and with technology.
For several decades he has been a thought leader in this field. Consulting, coaching, mentoring, teaching and leading individuals and teams to achieve their best.

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