What if the biggest challenges in business came down to just one thing - the Neuroscience of Behavior Intelligence?

The magic of understanding ourselves and others.
The magic of inspiring team members, clients, etc.

Why Behavior Intelligence?

Our goal is to educate you, the business owners, and organization leaders as well as team members the importance of recognizing observed behaviors, triggers and filters which lead to biases and conflicts in the workplace. Our experience in working with teams and their leadership has shown us time and time again that this heightened understanding is the foundation upon which company Values and Culture are built. 



The Neuroscience

First we take our time to understand the sciences of behaviors.  We all evolve at our own pace through our own experiences, but what causes conflict, disagreements, frustrations, stress and anxiety? The answer: Lack of understanding.




Understanding is not enough. In order to make significant longterm sustainable shifts requires practice, discipline and peer support. We learn through application of knowledge but we sustain our learning through practice and feedback.




While this may appear as a simple journey, it takes work and time to build the unconscious neural programs that get consistent results. We are judged by how others observe us, and all they have available to them is the observed behavioral changes.

" A Unique Approach "

Nagui’s calm approach to “call the spade the spade” is a real gift he has and he always supports you with practical tools that make a big difference when you execute them.

Francois Lubbe, ActionCOACH South Africa

Frequently asked questions:

Why run this so close to end of year holidays?

Are there any prerequisites?

What if I can't make one of the session?

Course start soon.
Monday November 11th at 12:00pm EST.
Registrations close in:
All sessions are online.
Watch and join from anywhere.

20 / 25 Spots

​Course Outline
  • ​What if Behavior Intelligence could not only ​
    • Resolve Conflicts
    • But also assist you in
      • Closing more Sales
      • Motivation
      • And influence
  • What makes BI important at work?
    • ​Behavior is observed
    • It triggers responses
    • And Judgments
  • We each have rules
    • Rule​s we live by for ourselves
    • Rules we expect of others
  • ​Leadership's ​desired outcomes:
    • Team Exceed Expectations ​and Stay
    • Motivating and Inspiring them
    • Engaging without judgments
  • Behavior is NOT Intention
    • Neuroscience of learning
    • Neuroscience of plasticity 
  • ​What I cover in the course:
    • Where BI shows up in
      • Culture
      • Performance
      • Engagement
      • Motivation
    • Understanding some key Behaviors
      • What to look for
      • How to interpret these
      • What to do when these show up
    • Process for sustainable Change
      • The 1-2-3 AMBI method
      • How to sustain it
    • Leadership vs Management
      • The evolution of leadership
      • The abdication of management
    • Identity
      • Clarity or confusion
      • Solid or acquiescing
    • 7th Workplace Intelligence

About Nagui

As a business entrepreneur, speaker, coach and pioneer, I've led a number of initiatives.

The development of Leadership Behavior Intelligence is a result of 4 decades of business and
first hand leadership experience with years of research and development to back it up.

Nagui Bihelek

Founder and CEO

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence.

This course includes

  • 12 Weekly sessions online
  • Up to 1.5 hours per session
  • Over 20 modules
  • Breakout rooms
  • Peer support
  • Community group

From the corporate world where I had 15 years of experience consulting to ​Fortune 100 companies locally and overseas. From leading major program initiatives to product launches with all the human interactions and the challenges associated with these.

As an entrepreneur ​for over 40 years, I've initiated multiple start-ups and experienced product launches through to building a service company during a recession, both locally and internationally. Dealing with suppliers, franchises, as well as our own innovations.

Experience ranging from small private companies, public companies and corporate entities. As VP of a public company, CEO of several start up, and Consultant to major corporations.

Some of my past client engagements
Corporate and Small Business

Calgary, Alberta. Canada